Tutor Resources

The Tutoring Process
  1. Introduce yourself to the student. Don’t share personal information.
  2. Ask the student what they need assistance with. If there is a specific assignment, work with them. Never give answers.
  3. While concluding the session, inform them that they will be receiving an email shortly. This email will ask for a quick review. It is not mandatory, but is appreciated.
Unsure About the Material?

If you are unsure about a question the student is asking, contact the respective head of department and tell the student you will come back to that question in a few minutes.

Head of Math Department: Jai Patel (915)929-0801
Head of Science Department: Ricky Rios (915)202-7295
Head of Writing Department: Genelle Porras (915)526-8435

Writing Tutoring Conditions
  1. Never conduct a session with a plagiarized essay. Run a plagiarism check on the essay before the session. If you are certain it is plagiarized, inform the student that their assignment is plagiarized and start the assignment with them from scratch.
  2. Always guide the student toward a conclusion. Remember this is their writing and every change you make takes that away from them.

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