About STEP

As school districts adapted to the COVID-19 crisis, teachers were tasked with learning a new technological method of teaching that they knew nothing about. As a result, teachers were now focusing on implementing the new method and not ensuring its success. This caused a fundamental problem with the educational process and many students were left struggling.

STEP was created by high school students Jordan Katz and Hamzeh Hamdan who wanted to ensure that the delay in the education system does not affect students. Already among the top of their class, they reached out to others who proficiently understood science, mathematics, and English and offered them an opportunity to help their peers.

Given that our services are free, our tutors have decided to dedicate several hours every week. This testament of their strong character sets our tutors apart from other services; we do not only offer the most proficient high school tutors, but also the most willing.

Appointments for any of our services can be made through their respective sub-pages (under “Tutoring Options”).

Meet the Founders

Hamzeh Hamdan

Director of Operations

Hamzeh Hamdan is a seventeen year old activist who has always been fascinated by the acquisition and spread of knowledge. Throughout his high school years, he has helped start several public service organizations and programs; within the past year, he co-founded and led the Coronado Writing Center, scored an 8 on the American Invitational Mathematics Examination, and became the March For Our Lives TX Communications Co-Captain.

Jordan Katz

Director of Outreach and Public Relations

Jordan Katz is a rising senior at Coronado High School who has always had a fondness for STEM subjects. He has proficiently completed one of the most advanced curriculum’s offered at Coronado, finishing AP Physics 1 as a freshman and AP Calculus AB as a junior. His academic performance is only a part of his success; Jordan loves sports and has competed in tennis for eleven years. He is now the captain of the Coronado Varsity Tennis Team, and senior class president.

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